Our inventory is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.  We strive to maintain the newest products in our inventory, as well as hard to find repair parts. 



A brief overview of what we stock...

Submersible pumps up to 100 Horsepower

Variable Frequency Drives

Jet and centrifugal pumps

Magnetic starters and control boxes

Pressure tanks

PVC pipe up to 12 inch

Steel pipe up to 12 inch

Polyethylene pipe up to 4 inch

Gate, ball, plug valves

Brass fittings up to 2 inch

Steel fittings up to 6 inch

PVC fittings up to 12 inch

Copper pipe and fittings

Backflow preventers

Yard hydrants

Pitless adapters

Submersible and UF wire up to #00

Water treatment equipment and chemicals

Bentonite and filter sand products

Stainless steel screen up to 12 inch

Switches and gauges

Ritchie waterers and repair parts